Adoption Process

I haven’t made a huge announcement about this. I was going to wait until everything was official and final, but why not discuss it?

You may need to sit down if you know me.

I’m adopting. And not a pet from the humane society either. A living, breathing, glittering little girl.

Most people don’t discuss it because at any second, the rug could be ripped from under their feet. This is the most nerve eating situation I have ever been in for a pile of reasons.

The first round of paper work is several pages wanting to know about every penny you have, have had, owe, and possibly could have in the future. Buying a house was less detailed.

At the same time, I’m hunting for schools. Now, I had her in a private school but now she is coming to live with me which is about an hour away from her current school. I researched private schools here. They are much more strict and do not approve of my non-traditional family. Add in to that, I work Sundays at paycheck job which means I don’t belong to a church. She is barred from the school.

So, my last resort is to stick her in an accelerated learning public school. Cross my fingers and hope for the best. I live in a fairly affluent area, so the schools shouldn’t be awful. Home schooling is not an option for me.

Anyway, I’m rushing to fill out paper work because school starts in a few weeks here. Time is ticking.

I’m in an awkward situation. Bella is not mine officially. This makes getting into a school a lot more difficult than it should be. In Carolina, you can’t send your child to any school you like. You have to be the legal guardian and reside in the school zone. I’m not the legal guardian but thankfully I am zoned for this school. Now, proving she lives with me…I have to do everything short of inviting the school board to live with us.

So, I am stressing. A lot.

Tuesday I will get everything notarized, deliver the piles of paperwork, pick up more piles of paper work, provide more proof of who I am than is required to cross an international boarder, and then come home to assemble a bed. ‘Cause you know, she needs a place to sleep.



Community Spotlight: Musings by Mandy

I notice from time to time wonderful people in the writing community that put time and effort in for little or no money to help new writers. As I’m able and as I find them, I hope to showcase them here. I love when publishers, editors, promoters, and writers give back.

Musings by Mandy is an excellent example. She’s working on her own writing, has editing responsibilities for Breathless Press and Lyrical and please don’t forget she probably has a personal life and responsibilities. Yet, she embraces the spirit of community by critiquing first chapters from time to time.

She posts related content on her blog. Open calls, writing tips, guest posts, contests and such.

It’s a little gem in the blogverse.

Check it out for yourself if you weren’t already aware of her blog.

Wednesday Update

I’m re-doing parts of the house. Taking a break and then I’ll finish everything but touch ups and the very top edging near the ceiling. West will have to do the top edging.  I want the glitter ready to go up on the walls by tomorrow.

I’m covered in Enchanted Violet or whatever it is called.

The 10 buck desk I salvaged from Goodwill is painted. I found a 4 dollar office chair today that Bella and I will recover.

So far I’ve bought the paint, glitter, and the bed at full price. I picked up the rest second hand or already had it. I try to be frugal. I think this little bedroom make over will be around 700 dollars or less. The bed took the majority of that as I wanted one with storage. If I had gotten a different bed, then it would be around 300-400 dollars.

I’m taking pictures and will post them later after everything is done.

Major writing is on hold.

I’m working edits for the short story. Meeting my writing friends Leigh, Donna, and Emery tomorrow.

I’ve sent in author info to DKC. I’ve got my own page there! I’m working through the contract and first round of edits starting tomorrow.


I’m trying to adopt Bella which is not a fast or smooth process. At the same time I’m trying to get her into school here even though I’m not her legal guardian. It is so much fun.

This sudden event is taking up almost all of my time. It’s a time for all of us as we adjust and make room for her. She comes first and I squeeze in everything else around her. I’ll figure out how to work in my writing time later. Right now it isn’t happening.

Oh and I’m taking at least one class. Maybe two by the end of the month.



Um…I’ve got a contract.


Coffee in hand, I do my daily ritual of checking the messages on facebook. Nancy, Taylor, and Mishka and I keep in touch almost daily there. I am greeted with overwhelming optimistic and chipper messages. These are extra cheerful. I honestly have no idea what I’d do with out them there.

I grumble. It’s too early for me to be all smurfy.

Later I’m out and decide to check on my followed blog posts. It’s been tough for me to keep up and the only reading time I have lately is when I’m not home.  Scrolling down I see this post from Dragon Knight Chronicles.


Blink again.

West is beside me and I tell him “I won.”

I’m not going to edit what I said…you deserve to know the truth.

“I can’t believe someone liked my crap writing. I got first place.”

Insert West telling me my writing is not crap. Mind, he’s only read a tiny bit of my writing. He’s being a great mate and saying all the right things as usual because he’s Mr. Perfect. I don’t even recall exactly what he said. I do remember something about celebrating with a steak dinner.

I think as writers in public view we’re supposed to be very positive about our writing and pretend it comes effortlessly. It doesn’t and I’m not very positive about my writing.  I’m just starting out and while my poetry got cheers and raves, I’ve never showed my fiction until this year. I’ve never edited my stories. I’ve never tried to polish them. So, I’ve never gotten feedback until the first quarter of this year.

I went into DKC cold. I bought their last publication but haven’t read it yet. A writer friend suggested I submit something to them. So I did. For experience and practice in rejection. Er, I mean for practice in submitting my work.

I never wrote fantasy and all I’ve been reading and writing lately are romance. Kooky odd romance, but none the less…not fantasy.

As was and probably still is a trend of mine, I wrote my own take on the prompt. I doubt it was what they were expecting and I anticipated it getting squashed. It only vaguely fits the high fantasy genre. It isn’t Lord of the Rings or Song of Fire and Ice.  Nothing like it. As a child I colored in the lines, but the grass was purple. The sky was yellow.

I wanted a different perception. I like turning stories on their heads.  Or I attempt to turn them anyway.

It’s humbling and encouraging all wrapped in one little email and blog post. Kathryn knows fantasy. She is an avid fan and writes it. For her or any of the judges to think something positive of what I submitted is…

It’s a lot of good stuff that I can’t put words to at this moment. Seriously, I’m in shock that I even placed. Maybe I’ll think of some words of thanks to them for giving me this writer high.  Right now, I’m dumbfounded. All I got is…Hey, DKC you’re worth a steak dinner celebration!

It’s my gold star. A bit of validation that I was looking for…

So, if  you’re curious as to the reaction of most writers when a publisher digs their work…

WhoooHooo! And then disbelief quickly follows on the adrenaline. It took me about 2 minutes to reach the disbelief  stage.



I literally just got the notification email, so I have to give them all my private personal information. Work up a Bio and whatever else they need.

I’ll keep you updated on this process.

Then life goes on and the real world demands attention…It doesn’t care that you are about to become a published writer and have a contract pending. It doesn’t have time for all that.


I celebrated by wiping down bedroom doors with a bleach solution and magic eraser. Windexing the window. I think I’ve ruined my favorite grey work out shorts.

I got tipsy on coffee. I ate left over chicken and mushrooms. I solved one of the questions of the universe. The orange stuff squished in my carpets seems to be goldfish crumbs.

Now that the pressing mystery is solved, I’m finishing the night with a little stress knitting.

Tomorrow I get to set up paper work and such, get questions answered on some personal stuff going on in my life. Glitter goes up on the purple walls tomorrow if I’m lucky.


If you’re interested DKC has a Half-Blood prompt centering around a battle for this submission call. I have to bow out of this one. I can’t squeeze in anything right now. Besides, my fight scenes suck. Or hey maybe they don’t…never know. I’ve got a killer Half-Blood character though.


Now…I’m waiting to hear back about the Heroes for Hire story I submitted. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Elements have Spoken…and our Winners are


Can you believe it?

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Congratulations to our Winners

1st Place

“Tiera: Earth Elemental” by Winter Bayne

2nd Place

“Fire and Ice” by Kyle J. Lawson

3rd Place 

“The Otter King” by Deborah Jean Anderson


Please congratulate them on a job well done. There names have been added to the site but they are under construction till I receive our winners biography’s. Look for late September to early October for your short introduction to these talented writer’s stories.

The editing process has begun for our next cycle of our book contests. Stay tuned for our cover reveal it will be exciting.

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